Injecting Profit Into Medical Practices

Medical school does not teach doctors the ins and outs of how to run a profitable practice.

That's where we come in.

Helping Doctor's Build Cash Practices to 7-Figures & Beyond

The average insurance-based medical practice profits about 3% per year if they’re lucky. This is because insurance companies get to dictate what doctors sell their services for. It’s about time that doctors stop feeding a broken system and start building a practice that allows them to have more freedom, make more money, and do the work that they’re passionate about. Mavrix helps medical practitioners do that by teaching them how to ditch insurance and transition to cash-based practices.

It Takes More Than Hanging Your Medical License on Your Door To Be Profitable

Not a single medical school will provide you with a guide on how to grow and scale a medical practice. So it’s no wonder why so many medical practitioners fail or have limited success in starting their own practice.

Without a proven system, proper care and service packaging, and an attraction engine that drives clients to your practice, doctors find themselves having to bend to the will of insurance companies. Up to this point, doctors have been told that they cannot have a profitable practice and provide the highest standard of care to their patients. We’re here to tell you that it is possible to have both

Meet Your Practice Profit Partner!

Our Practice Profit System has not only helped our CEO and Founder (Matthew Gillogly) grow his three medical practices to $6.5 million in a single year, but his clinics became the #1 provider of Men’s Sexual Health Solutions.

By year three, Matthew sold his practices and created the Mavrix Profit System (formerly SRP Medical Marketing) to help other doctors grow and scale their businesses. Since then, Matthew and his team have helped generate over $100 million in new revenue and own an interest in six practices nationwide.

How the Practice Profit System Can Help


Drive High-Value Patients
To Your Practice


Package and Sell More
Profitable Services


Build a Team & Establish
Systems that Help You Scale

Interested in Building
a Cash-Based Practice?

Learn about the Mavrix Profit System and start incorporating the proven principles into your business. Whether you have a practice or are looking to open one, gain key insights into what it takes to grow and scale your practice and start implementing them today!

Learn the Business of Building a
Successful Medical Practice in Just 90-Days

Building a successful practice relies on more than the latest SEO and marketing tactics. Doctors must understand all that goes into growing and scaling their business in order to ensure long-term success.

The Mavrix Business Mastery Fellowship is a 12-module, hyperfocused quick-start program tailored to doctors that are building innovative medical practices – limited to 30 practices per cohort.

What Others Are Saying About Mavrix

Dr. Tracy Gapin, MD

Gapin Institute - Sarasota, FL

Prior to working with Mavrix our annual gross revenue was 2.1 million. After 3-4 months of consulting with Matthew and his team we’re on track to clear 3.35 million.

Dr. Marc P. Pietropaoli, MD

Victory in Motion - Skaneateles, NY

Mavrix has shown us how to effectively communicate our overall value as a practice which allows us to sell our higher margin services to our patients with confidence.

Interested in Mavrix Partnership Opportunities?

Sometimes the fastest way to grow your practice is to bring on a partner that has the business experience, knowledge, and some skin in the game to ensure mutual success. Each year a select number of doctors are considered for partnership with Mavrix. 

Book a call with our team to learn more about this opportunity!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. We help doctors grow a cash practice that allows them to break free from insurance and then exit the business through a sale or building a team that allows them to take weeks off at a time.

We recommend you talk with one of our team members so they can help assess where you are and recommend a program that will be the right fit for you and your practice.  Schedule a call now.

Yes. In fact, our founder did the same thing himself and grew it to 3 locations in 18 months, doing 6.5 million a year in sales. We have helped countless practices start from the beginning.

We can help you get the training and equipment you need to have a successful launch through our network of doctors and affiliates.

We work with doctors who are in functional medicine, anti-aging, mens and womens sexual health, regenerative and ortho-biologics.

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